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Hey there!

Thank you for your interest in getting to know more about me.


I am a 26 year old God lover, wife to my best friend, Tommy, and Ammu (mom) to my perfect precious daughter, Tabitha.

I am an enneagram 2w1 who loves people, dogs and ice cream! My favorite pass-time is having heart-to-heart conversation with women over coffee or ice cream, exploring cute little local stores, old neighborhoods and of course, snuggling with my baby girl!

I started doing calligraphy end of 2018 and I have learned and evolved in the things that I love and now I am here to share that love with you!


Random facts about me

I got married young! I mean before-I-could-legally-drink-young. At 20, but that was definitely the BEST decision I made as a 20 year old!

Tommy and Zerin Wedding.jpg

I am originally from Bangladesh, born and raised there until I was almost 18. Then God thought it was a good idea for me to move across the world by myself, and so, I moved to the US.

In case you are wondering, this person by my husband with crazy make-up is me! In my country, apparently this is what 'light and natural' make up looks like! -_-

Tommy and Zerin Bangladesh

I am a 'retired' engineer. I graduated from Missouri S&T with my mechanical engineering degree right before the pandemic hit and then I worked for this amazing power company for 2 years until my daughter came into picture in early 2022! I will forever be grateful for the 2 years of serving as an engineer.

Tommy and Zerin Graduation 2019 - Kalena

Another love of mine is cooking and hosting people! I LOVE to have people over at my house!

I cannot eat the same thing for a week (unless its rice with different things), and I love trying different cuisines which drives my sweet n simple husband a little crazy but he has grown and is learning to enjoy different styles of food now.

Diwali Dinner

Do any of these remind you of yourself?  

Well...Hello my new best friend!

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