Hey hey!

Thanks for hanging out with me here.


I am a 23 year old Jesus lover, wife to my best friend, Tommy and dog-mom to Bruce, the best pupper in the whole wide world!

I am an enneagram 2w1 who loves people, dogs and ice cream! My favorite pass-time is having heart-to-heart conversation with women over coffee or ice cream, exploring cute little local stores, old neighborhoods and of course, snuggling with my puppy!

I started doing calligraphy end of 2019 and I have learned and evolved in the things that I love and now I am here to share that love with you!

Random facts about me

I got married young! I mean before-I-could-legally-drink-young. At 20, but that was definitely the BEST decision I made as a 20 year old!

I am originally from Bangladesh, born and raised there until I was almost 18. Then God thought it was a good idea for me to move across the world by myself, and so, I moved to the US.

In case you are wondering, this person by my husband with crazy make-up is me! In my country, apparently this is what 'light and natural' make up looks like! -_-

I am a recent college-grad. I graduated from Missouri S&T right before the pandemic hit and am very grateful for that. Then I joined an amazing company that serves power and cares for its employees like family which is the coolest thing ever!

Another love of mine is cooking and hosting people! I LOVE to have people over at my house!

I cannot eat the same thing for a week (unless its rice with different things), and I love trying different cuisines which drives my sweet n simple husband a little crazy but he has grown and is learning to enjoy different styles of food now.

Do any of these remind you of yourself?  

Well...Hello my new best friend!

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