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Calligraphy Ideas for Your Big Day!

Are you planning your wedding? Well then, first of all.... CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am sooo excited for your upcoming adventures!

Now, as you are here, I am assuming you are considering incorporating some calligraphy for your big day. After scrolling through Pinterest, you might also just be overwhelmed by the bazillion options to make your big day the most magical day ever!

To help you out a little bit, I am going to list out a very basic list of ways you can incorporate hand-lettered calligraphy to tell your love story! Now, when I say 'basic', I don't mean this is the base level of things you can do, I mean, these are the base level concepts that you can personalize to tell your story!

I am a St Louis area calligrapher, serving people to make the most personal heirloom pieces for their weddings, families etc. My specialty is to learn about your story and style and reflect them into your custom calligraphy pieces whether they are welcome signs or place cards or even personalized thank you gifts. I know the freedom can be overwhelming, so here is something to get you started...

  1. Invitation Suite/ Envelopes:

The first thing that your guests receive from you is either your Save the Dates or the Invitation itself if you have a short engagement.

You are setting the tone of your big day by this stationery. Now, the most personal way to do this is design the whole invitation suite from ground up in your style, with personal monograms, venue sketch, personalized fonts, whatever speaks your story the best!

But a more budget-friendly option of that would be doing Envelope Calligraphy! Trust me, your guests will take a second look before they move on and it will make them more special! And you will have the most personal invitation ever!

It's a win-win!

2. Welcome Sign/ Guest Book:

Welcome signs are the first look between your guests and your wedding. And I don't care what other people say, I believe that first impressions go a long way!

So may be have a board with your pictures and the milestones of your relationships, just welcome guests into your magical day, regardless of what you decide, you can use a touch of calligraphy to put your story to words and make it personal!

3. Place Cards:

Definitely one of the easiest ways to

impress your guests on your big day! There are several ways to have them. My most favorite way to use it with multipurpose.

Use a coaster to write their names, it can be their wedding favor. If you are

having a menu card, leave some space for spot calligraphy and put the names there...saving space and the environment! I can keep going...

4. Seating Charts:

I know they can be stressful but if you are up for the work, they are become a center piece for your venue!

Rent out mirrors or hang small pieces of acrylics...however simple or elaborate you want to go, I can assure you they are eye catchers, and saves a lot of awkwardness!!

5. Vows/ Love Letters: we have been talking about all the ways to woo your guests...Now let's talk about you!

My absolute favorite pieces are that are personal and that become treasure!

The sweetest and one of the most personal parts of your wedding is your vows, those are promises that you are giving to your future spouse, why not treasure them? Get them written and put them on your bedroom wall so when you wake up everyday next to your best friend, you remember the promises that you made to them!

And trust me, those will become beautiful heirloom pieces for your family for generations! may ask, what if we are not writing our own vows? my answer will be...still write them and hang them up! But if you want to preserve something that is more personal, then write a letter to your spouse for the day of your wedding...I can't tell you how beautiful that moment and piece is and will be for the rest of your lives!

Bonus: Personal Pieces:

This is where you get to bring out your wildest imagination....You want a globe? A Bible? Your first dance lyrics? Gift box? Adventure jar? A touch of calligraphy can make all of those things 100x more personal! you got all these basic ideas, think about what are the things that you love the most and shows your style and story. What are the things that you would treasure the most from your big day. Once you decide on that, let's talk about how we can make it reflect you and your story because that's what I am here for!!!



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