Envelope Calligraphy is one of the easiest ways to personalize your Christmas Cards for each of your friend s and family.


Christmas Cards are basically our Christmas gift to all our friends and family, so why not make them more personal and special? And who doesn't like their name written all fancy and beautiful?


Here are my main styles with different colors and font combination. If there is a whole different combo or font that you want, feel free to just send me a message and i would LOVE to work with you to make your special presents reflect YOU!


* Once you make a purchase, I will be contacting you for the names and addresses for your order.

Christmas Envelope Calligraphy

  • Due to the nature of the product, returns are not available.

    You will be kept updated throughout the process so if there is a spelling mistake or a mistake from store, it will be remade at a reduced fee or free of charge.

  • The main goal is create pieces that YOU absolutely love but that process takes a lot of time and effort, so during the designing process, I will provide you with my initial ideas and drafts. You will get to choose and change the design/make tweaks TWICE free of charge but after that depending on the piece, you will be charged for changing the plan.

    Trust me, I will ask you a lot of questions throughout the process, so it should not be a problem. And it does not include small tweaks that does not require layout change.

    *If the buyer does not respond to any emails after putting an order, the pieces will be made to designer's discretion and no return or refund will be eligible.