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Hand Engraving

Engraving entails permanently etching on the desired surface. Zerin uses a micro drill with a brushless motor to hand engrave on materials like glass, metal, acrylic or plastic. This allows her to create intricate designs on your favorite product whether it’s your luxury fragrance bottle or your everyday hydro flask! 

Without large and obtrusive machinery, Zerin allows you to offer delicate personalization with illustration during an event and/or at your store.


Calligraphy is a treasured art to capture the beauty of words. It can turn a simple paper into an heirloom piece. Zerin specializes in creating unique styles of calligraphy based on your needs. She is experienced in both traditional dip pen calligraphy as well as modern brush pen calligraphy.


With her versatile experience, she can address your wedding invites as well as make one of a kind gifts for your clients.

 Portrait Illustration

Portrait illustration is a beautiful and unique keepsake for your event! Whether its a wedding or a product launch, wow your guests with these fun and quick portraits of them! These are very loose illustrative style which adds more personality to them than a traditional portrait. 

These portrait takes about 5 minutes to create and regardless of what type of crowd you have, these are a people pleaser!


Painting services are one of the most versatile options. Zerin can paint on a variety of surfaces including glass, acrylic, leather, fabric, and even shoes! You can choose your own design to incorporate your theme and brand look. Florals, botanical designs, patterns, landscape, you can pick your vibe for your product and event, and Zerin will create one of a kind masterpiece options for you.

These are fit for an heirloom piece for your family or really thoughtful client gift. Some of the most popular pieces that Zerin has done are house portraits, venue portraits and floral and botanical illustration on bottles, journals and glasses. 

Hot Foiling

Hot foiling is a beautiful way to customize a special keepsake. Zerin uses a special pyrography pen to create her designs on materials such as leather, fabric, and more - providing a more gender neutral option. The process of foiling is a great experience for any event, and the exciting reveal of the result is always a memorable moment for the recipient!

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